Effective March 19th

Grolls Furniture Gallery of Easton is suspending business for the benefit of our valued customers until March 31st, 2020.

We hope the current situation is resolved safely and quickly for all and we look forward to working with you again soon. Please email us at Sales@grollsfurnituregallery.com  or call us at 614-342-8200 and we will get back with you as promptly as possible.

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Furniture Store in Columbus, OH

At Grolls Furniture Gallery of Easton, we are excited to share our wide array of beautiful living room and dining room furniture, as well as distinctive home accents. Our full-service furniture store offers expert assistance to help you find exactly the items you need for your home.

Living Room Furniture

When planning or redecorating a living room, new furniture is usually high on the list. It may help to visit showrooms and explore home decor websites online to narrow style preferences. Expert design services offered in our furniture store can also help customers choose the best furnishings to fit their unique style preferences.

Dining Room Furniture

The dining room also needs attention and consideration to ensure that this area is comfortable and inviting. Fine pieces such as a hutch, sideboard, table, and chairs work together to create an area where family and friends can gather for a memorable meal.

Home Accents

After consumers choose the big pieces for every room in a home, they want to include additional pieces that convey unique personality and style. Home accents make a residence come alive with individuality and charm. Lighting, ceramics, candles, books, and other decorative pieces add up to rooms filled with character.

Grolls Furniture Gallery of Easton is a one-stop furniture store that enables customers to find everything they need to create a beautiful and distinctive home. Let our expert designers help you create the rooms of your dreams.

Grolls Furniture Gallery of Easton is now proudly offering a selection of furniture from Smith Brothers of Berne. Smith Brothers of Berne, American custom made Upholstery.